Accommodations Funding

Many federal and provincial governments offer funding incentives to encourage businesses to recruit and hire people with disabilities. See below and the References section for some important websites with federal and provincial funding opportunities to support accommodations in your workplace. (Opportunities Fund (Federal grants) for persons with disabilities) Ontario Trillium Foundation capital grant funding to broaden access and improve community spaces (2018) (2017) (wage subsidies and tax credits for employers)

Refer to CHS Interpreting Services to learn about your responsibility and for more information on funding for sign language interpreters for:

  • job interviews
  • introduction to a new job position
  • job loss prevention (crisis on the job) brief intervention to stabilize a work situation and avoid job loss
  • yearly evaluation of work performance staff meetings or one to one employee meetings
  • Unions are responsible to ensure their meetings including personal and larger format meetings are accessible, and that sign language interpreters and other accommodations are provided as required.