Facts – Did You Know?

The number of people who are Deaf or hard of hearing is on the rise in part due to our aging population. This is also occurring at younger ages because of exposure to an increasingly noisy society, loud music and portable media players worn in the ear.

Despite the devastating employment statistics, Deaf and hard of hearing people are lawyers, doctors, professors and accountants. They are teachers, actors, computer analysts, sales people and supervisors. They are machine operators, artists, data entry and customer service experts. They are people that you know and work with every day.

How does this affect your business, organization or facility? You can expect that some people applying for a job at your place of business will be Deaf or hard of hearing. Many of your existing employees already have, or are becoming Deaf or hard of hearing and a significant percent of young new applicants may be Deaf or hard of hearing. You can play an important role in creating a barrier free workplace for Deaf and hard of hearing employees.

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